April Ipsy Bag

Another month another dissapointing Ipsy bag. This months theme  is “Social Butterfly” and the bag is probably the best part of the bag to be honest.



The items I received are an angled brush from Firma Beauty number 202, I love Firma Beauty brushes they are great quality for low cost BUT I already have this brush in pink, its not a Firma Brush BUT I did receive it in an Ipsy bag in September. Im not saying I won’t use tthis brush but I would have preferred something else.

My next item is a blush from Ofra , now I’m not a fan of blush, I have like one blush I like and I stick with that, I would have preferred an eyeshadow or something else, probably wont use this at all.

My third item is ANOTHER nude lipgloss, this time from Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics. Just not a fan at all, I have so many of these shades of lip products, I would have preferred something more summery or springy.

My final two items are my skin care items, again I would have preferred more makeup rather than 2 skin products, the first is from Feel, I received a restoration self warming clay mask, I will be trying this as it says that it helps with reducing pores and thats one of my biggest issues. The final item is a sunscreen/finishing creme from Nots, this gets horrible reviews so I won’t even be trying this, the ingredients are also toxic.

I am pretty sure I will be canceling my Ipsy subscription once its over, I can use that money on another subscription service or to buy something I will actually use.

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