Coastal Scents Custom Palette

I have been wanting certain shades and tones in shadows forever! I have looked everywhere and all of the shades and tones are browns and browns and browns. I stumbled upon Coastal Scents and looked through the amazing amount of shadows they had in the shades I have been looking for! Now, I may have gone a little overboard in ordering BUT this is what I’ve been looking for and the prices were just as amazing as the shades. I was a bit worried about quality at first and read some reviews, some good and some bad, but I was just going to have to see for myself. The shipping was free and super fast! I ordered on a Thursday and had them by Tuesday. I also ordered two of their empty palettes to put the singles I ordered in. When I got the box it arrived in what looked like a Tiffany box, everything was packed so nicely in bubble wrap and arrived in great condition.

I got home and began sorting by color, this took me 2 days but I finally got ALL the shades in a 4 different palettes. I think I am going to order two more and use the smaller ones I got from amazon for the other singles I have.

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