July Ipsy bag review!

Happy July everyone! So bring us another Ipsy review. I wish I could give this thing a positive review but nothing but the bag was impressive. Lets get into it.

Here is the bag for the month of July. its a really pretty blue iridescent bag and unlike a lot of makeup bags this one doesn’t close on the top, its a side type of closure.


The first item inside my bag was a brush from Elizabeth Mott,I appreciate getting brushes in my bag and I like brushes, so this was a good addition to the bag, probably the only good thing.


The next item is an Ofra eyeshadow in a gold shade, now Ive said if before and ill say it again, I needed another brown, gold, orange shadow like a hole in the head. I even emailed and tweeted ipsy about this and still nothing. ANNOYING. Don’t get me wrong its a beautiful shade and the pigment is amazing, BUT I have so many in this shade range.


The next item is a lip liner from Lord and Berry,let me say that I was like oo a lip liner ok, but the shade I received is probably the ugliest orange/red I’ve every seen. Its summer, send pink or something I can use.  The pigment is great BUT I would never wear this shade of lip color unless at work and then I just use what we have.


My next item is a banana setting powder from Bella Pierre, so I appreciate a good setting power BUT banana powder and I aren’t friends, it makes my skin look really yellow and not brightening. I got a pretty good sample size though and i appreciate that the company is a mineral makeup company, I will try this and maybe order from them in the future.


The final item I received is a leave in conditioner from it’s a 10, so we sell this at work, and I hear good things about it, i will try this but I’m picky about what I use in my hair, but we shall see about this one. I would have rather had another cosmetic product personally. img_7515

All in all not the worst not the best, I like 2 out of 5 products but have no tested them yet, I’ll keep y’all posted on that. Did you get an ipsy bag?  let me know what you got.

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