Life Update

Hey Flawsome fans! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted since July, I’ve had a lot going on. it all started in May when I was abruptly and wrongfully fired from my job that i had for 8 years based on lies. I went into a state of depression, deeper than normal, and had to refocus on everything. I did everything I could to make money though and no rely on anyone, driving for uber, lyft, shopping for Shypt, working at the Loveless cafe, and becoming a manager at Ulta Beauty, and finally landing at Postmates, doing sales in the corporate office. I still work at Ulta on weekends and I can honestly say I love both of my jobs.

Cocoa is still Cocoa, bringing joy to my life on the daily. I don’t know what I would do without that little bundle of joy.

Nothing new other than that, I will make sure to update more often and review makeup and other products and services I experience.

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