Bubble Clay Mask Review

So last night I showed all of you my review of the California Charcoal mask.I wasn't really impressed and it didn't do what I had hoped, and that is help take away this giant pimple on my face. So tonight I used my old favorite the Elizavecca Milk Piggy Carbonated Clay Mask, I have been using this mask product… Continue reading Bubble Clay Mask Review


FINALLY!!! I tried a charcoal mask!

So I know I'm a little late to the charcoal mask party BUT to be honest I was scared to try one! Ive seen the videos online of people crying in pain peeling them off and I thought to myself "no thank you". I don't suffer from blackheads or oily skin, BUT I do have… Continue reading FINALLY!!! I tried a charcoal mask!



Hurt: verb(used with object), hurt,hurting. cause bodily injury to;injure: 2. to cause bodily pain to or in: 3. to damage or decrease the efficiency of (amaterialobject)by striking,roughhouse,improper care,etc.:. Thats what the dictionary defines hurt as, Me, I define it as the worst possible pain you can ever endure, a pain that could have been prevented, something cause my someone or something else who has no regard for the "thing" they are inflicting said hurt on.  I have never been the… Continue reading Hurt


A day that was supposed to be filled with love, turned into day filled with hate.

      What I am about to write is going to get political and very opinionated so if you don't want to read my thoughts on school shootings leave now. Today February 14th 2018, a day that for as long as I have been alive has been a day about love, the love you… Continue reading A day that was supposed to be filled with love, turned into day filled with hate.