Younique Review

I signed up back in January to be a younique distributor. I had seen a friend of mine having fun and making money at selling makeup and thought I love make up, I’m good at it, I’m a good sales person I can do this. I ordered the kit and tried the products right away I wasn’t completely convinced so I didn’t sell anything I kept using the products and the brushes grew on me and the eyeshadow primer is my absolute favorite. The eye shadow was meh powdery, a lot of fall out and kickback in the pan but the pigment wasn’t bad and they blend nicely. Fast forward to today I recently received as part of a seller promotion some foundation, setting powder, primer, contour stick, and lip stick from the duet line. Let me start with a positive the lip stick is really pretty and the contour stick is creamy and blends beautifully! Even over powder. The powder makes me a little white but it’s ok I just bronze over anyway. Now for the bad, the primer does NOTHING for pores it’s greasy and reminds me of a worse version of the Maybelline baby skin except that works. The foundation is in a dropper bottle, yes a dropped bottle! Terrible it literally got everywhere but my face. I followed the directions and placed it on my forehead, bridge of the nose, chin, and over my eyes using my finger to press and then blending with a Sephora foundation brush. Didn’t work, I wound up using a beauty blender just to smooth it out. The powder applied beautifully and seemed to set my face. I finished applying my make up and went off to work. While on the way the foundation fell right off my nose and got worse through through the day to the point of by 3:00 I had nothing on my nose and the rest of the foundation seemed to fade as well. I have it another try today and same results. I even tried the professional over my nose and no difference. I am no longer a younique distributor, for less or the same amount of money you can get much better products. Below are some pictures of the results.

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