May Ipsy Bag Review


Welcome to my May Ipsy Glam Bag Review. I hate to be a negative Nancy with this post every month and this month is no different. I got my spoilers and was immediately disappointed yet again, I even contacted ipsy care via email as well as twitter and got a blanketed response that they could adjust my profile for future bags, when I had already done so and opted out of nail polish, which yes I received. I canceled my membership last month and I regret paying for the year. But here are my products.

The bag is adorable, I like the bag…aaaannnndd thats about it. I received a rose gold facemark from 111Skin this seems pretty cool and its got some good reviews so I will try this out over the weekend.

My next product is from MAD Skincare, from the Delicate collection. I so didn’t need two facial products, I will try this out but like I said I’m not to excited about it.

The next product I received was from NYX a red lip gloss, at least its not ANOTHER nude, it seems pretty so I will see how it performs.

I received an eyeshadow from Elizabeth Mott in Mermaid Teal, its a pretty color and I’ve enjoyed my Elizabeth Mott shadows in the past, so I de-potted it from the plastic hold it was in and added it to my z-palette.

Now for the worst, I received a purple nail polish from Pretty Woman NYC, now I appreciate that this seems like a full size polish, but again I opted out of nail polish months ago, I get my nails done professionally with dip gel so I will be donating this to someone else.


So there you have it, my May Ipsy bag review. Leave me comments blow on what you had in you bag, and what subscription services you use!



4 thoughts on “May Ipsy Bag Review”

  1. Hi there! Great and very comprehensive post! I am looking into signing up for Ipsy…. Do you recommend that you do or should I try something different?! If you suggest that I should try something, what should I try instead?! XO!


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