New Makeup!!

Hey all!!!! Im here today with some new makeup that I recently picked up from Sephora  and Target. Ill start with what I picked up from Sephora


I picked up  few items I have heard so many YouTubers rave about and I had to try them, especially since I had a gift card. I re-stocked my Urban Decay setting spray and my prep spray. I also restocked my Benefit Porefessional. As for new products I have been eyeing the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette and the Soft Glam Palette just came out, When I went to Sephora I swatched them and fell in love with both, so pretty and pigmented, I also picked up the new Amrezy Highlighter, also from Anastasia, this one is a bit of a let down, when you swatch the color it shows up so vibrant and pigmented, but when applied to the skin, not so much, you really have to build this one up.



I also decided to pick up the Laura Mercier foundation, so I’m not sure how i feel about this one yet, it has pretty good coverage, but its been doing weird things to my face, either on my nose, next to my nose or above my lip I’ve seen some separation. I need to try it with a different primer I think and then make my final judgement. Also the fact that it does not come with a pump to dispense product is very poor packing.

As for Primer I picked up the new Origins pore perfecting cooling primer with willowherb, this is the strangest primer ever! it comes out like a mousse and is cold and foamy like a shaving cream, I haven’t really seen the pore perfecting effects, I am going to try it with a different foundation as well.

That is all I have from Sephora, today I went to Target and found myself in the cosmetics aisle. I went in for new night creams and washes and wound up with more than that, as usual.

I went to Target this afternoon, you know for “one thing”, and by the way I forgot the one thing I actually went in for. But here’s what I did get, again I had some old gift cards that I used. I went in for some new night skincare routine products and wound up getting a lot of E.L.F. products, they were low in price and I know they make great products.


I haven’t tried any of these yet, so my review will be coming shortly, if not here then on instagram. I also picked up some make up. The new E.L.F. Christian Siriano collaboration, I was kind of excited about this, the packaging is adorable especially for drug store, when I got the products home and swatched the eyeshadow palette. The colors are pretty and there are 6 shadows and one shadow/highlighter shade with two shimmer shades. The palette also comes with a cute little brush. When swatched I was a little disappointed, all but the green shadow were just lifeless and dull, I will have to see what they look like on my actual eye in order to make a final judgement. There are also two lip products, one is a lipstick yet it comes in a lipgloss tube with a doe foot applicator and it is in the shade Electric Fuchsia, this one is BRIGHT!!!! the other is a tinted lip oil, also in a tube with applicator and it is in the shade Polished Pink, this one is infused with vitamins and minerals, the Fuchsia smells delicious, I will have fun trying these out.


I purchased some random things as well, the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer that I have heard great things about and I am excited to try. img_8300

I also picked up the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in the bright colorful shades, I have been wanting to try this one but its always sold out when I go to the store, these swatched so-so, again Ill have to try them on my actual eye.


I picked up some No7 brand primer, that is supposed to create an airbrushed appearance for your pores, can’t wait to see if this works. Also picked up some new Real Techniques makeup blenders, two more shades of the Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in the two shades I didn’t have yet, I am obsessed with the Molten Gold shade and added the Molten Rose Gold shade and the Master Holographic Highlighter that is a white/opal shade can’t wait to try this as well. Rounding out my haul the Rimmell insta duo contour stick, I got the shade light, but it comes in medium as well. I finally picked up the Sonia Kashuk brush cleaner.


Im excited to try all of this out and share the results. Have you tried any of these? Let me know!!


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