March Ipsy Bag Review

March, in like a lion out like a lamb, thats the saying right? as far as Ipsy is concerned in like a failure yet again! This months bag was worse than the February bag. Im seriously that much closer to not renewing and going with boxy charm, the only thing is boxy charm is like 20.00 a month, BUUUUT you get full sized products, we shall see. Here is my review of my March ipsy bag.

Here is the envelope my bag came in and the actual bag itself. The bag is cute and it allows you to  color it in with the markers they included. I opened the envelope and was greeted by a brush, now the brush looked like a mermaid tail, it’s a R&L Moda fan brush. The brush looks cheap,when you feel the bristles they are nice and soft, we shall see how this works tomorrow.


Next up was an eyeshadow, in probably the tiniest pan I have ever seen,from Doucce. The color I revived is brown, and I needed another brown shadow like hole in the head, I was hoping for something summery like pink, purple,yellow, red, green anything but brown. The shadow itself swatted nicely so I will try this shadow out this weekend at sometime.

My next product was a baked highlighter from Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics, I’ve never heard go this brand but I LOVE LOVE LOVE  highlighters and this one was pretty, its a light pink color and it watched beautifully! This I am excited about!

The next product I got is the worlds tiniest eyeliner, this one is from Tarte,I love Tarte so Ill forgive the size of this sample and try this liner.

My final product is a foaming cleanser from BRTC, in a Jasmine scent, I like cleansers so we shall see how this is supposed to remove dirt and makeup daily without over drying, I am trying this tonight to wash my makeup off.


There you have it, my March Ipsy bag, I have to give it a c- I like the brush, the highlighter and maybe the cleanser but we shall see how the products actually work. What did you get? ht do you think? let me know below!

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