Beauty Room

I am so excited that my beauty room is finally coming along! I finally was able to decide on a desk and I can’t wait to get it! The desk I chose was from Ikea and it is the Alex/Glasholm table! I have been looking for the perfect desk for months, and I was using an old dresser that I have since placed in my closet to use as an actual dresser. The desk should be here in two weeks, then the joy of putting it together.



After I ordered my desk I began wondering “how am I going to organize this thing”? I thankfully stumbled on Sonny Cosmetics. They have the most extensive selection I have seen and they make products that fit the Alex drawers perfectly as well as some other goodies that I will be purchasing, I also have an affiliate code for all of you! Enter the word “Flawsome” at checkout and receive 20% off!!!! how awesome is that!!!


Let me know in the comments below what you order!! I will be posting updates on how my beauty room comes along when I finish it.

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