Bubble Clay Mask Review

So last night I showed all of you my review of the California Charcoal mask.I wasn’t really impressed and it didn’t do what I had hoped, and that is help take away this giant pimple on my face. So tonight I used my old favorite the Elizavecca Milk Piggy Carbonated Clay Mask, I have been using this mask product for a year now and it makes my skin look and feel amazing! I usually use it around a certain time of the month when I tend to break out, and it usually helps my breakouts over night. If you haven’t used this product before I definitely recumbent it! I bought mine on Amazon for $9.98. When you get this mask you’ll notice that the directions are in korean, Elizavecca is a Korean skin care company, so heres how you use it:

img_4651The jar come looking like the picture above, it will come in a box and the top of the jar will be sealed with plastic. Once opened you will open the jar and see inside something like this:

I use the spatula to apply my mask, You DON’T want to use your fingers as this will contaminate the product. As you can see from the middle picture its kind of lumpy looking and it will be cold when you put it on your face, you will want to apply a generous amount of product to your face and spread it all over your face. Once you have covered your face it should look like this

Nice and spread out, okay heres where it get fun and weird! so my face is always itchy when I apply my mask but don’t scratch! just kind if let it ride, the mask will sound like it is carbonated like soda and start to bubble, you’ll probably feel it start to bubble on your skin, It will start to look like a cloud,

I know attractive! You will want to leave your mark on for about 10 minutes or until its really bubbled up, or you look like a cloud. After you are all bubbled up you’ll want to use your fingers (make sure your hand are clean), to press the mask into your skin flattening the bubbles out.

I usually leave mine on for another five minutes or until it’s bubbled up again. Okay heres the messy part. Washing this off is messy, I usually do it in the shower but tonight I did it the old fashion way and used warm water and a wash cloth. I wet the wash cloth and take it off this way, I  recommend using a colored towel as this one will stain tour towel grayish.

Once you have the mask off your skin will probably feel AMAZING!!!!! mine always feel so clean and soft,I usually apply acne medication after but its not necessary!


Let me know if you try this mask and what you think!!!

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