FINALLY!!! I tried a charcoal mask!

ccSo I know I’m a little late to the charcoal mask party BUT to be honest I was scared to try one! Ive seen the videos online of people crying in pain peeling them off and I thought to myself “no thank you”. I don’t suffer from blackheads or oily skin, BUT I do have large pores around my nose and upper cheek area and I do currently have a large pimple on my cheek, which I’m hoping will go away soon. I was shopping in Walgreens today and I thank you the California Charcoal Mask, so I decided to give it a try, at walgreens the mask will cost you $19.99, which isn’t terrible for a product like this, you can also get this product Amazon, but there it will cost you $24.99! crazy! So yeah, at walgreens I picked mine up and mine came with a free sample of the California Charcoal Face Scrub, I will try this tomorrow in the shower.

I got home and immediately changed my clothes, took my makeup off and was ready for my mask. The package recommends you open up your pores so I got the water pretty hot and put it on my face. You need to leave water on your face for the application, I applied the mask to  my face, and I probably didn’t use as much as I should have, mostly because I was scared of the pain from taking  it off. I got my mask on, he actual product is pretty runny compared to what I thought it would be, I went on waiting.


I waited about 30 minutes, this will depend on how thick you layer on your mask, again I did not use a lot. The package says to leave it on until no longer tacky and peel up from the edges, because my mask was so thinly applied I had an issue getting the edges to lift, but when I did it came off pretty easy an the pain wasn’t as bad as I expected.


Once removed my face was red, most likely from the peeling and irritating the skin, its back to normal now, I had to wash a small amount off that would not peel .


My face does feel nice and smooth, but again the only real issue I have is my larger pores around my nose and cheeks, and the large pimple on my cheek. All in all I don’t think I will be purchasing this again after I finish this tube, for me I don’t have a value in it, an I will stick yo my Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask.


Have you tried a charcoal mask? did you think it worked? leave me a comment below and happy exfoliating!!!

Before                                                After

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