Giving Back


Afternoon, beautiful readers! I have another exciting announcement, yesterday I told y’all I was partnering with Sand Cloud to help give back to marine life and help you guys get great discounts on their awesome products! Well this afternoon I became an ambassador for Creations For A Cause!, I am so excited to work with both of these companies as they are both all about saving the planet! For those who don’t know  Creations For A Cause is an awesome website that sells jewelry, clothing, and accessories! and as a partner with them I can offer my readers 15% off when they use my code Erikak15 at check out! Plus free shipping on orders over $25.00, so check them out! The mission of Creations For A Cause is simple “Connect people to a purpose”, unlike Sand Cloud that gives back to sea life, Creations For A Cause gives back to the people, mainly people in underdeveloped countries and the people who live there, they assist the refugees of Syria, teaching reading comprehension to women in Africa, Share a mealin Africa, my personal favorite, Save The Pandas of China, Support the Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand, as well as giving back to local causes here in the US. You can choose which cause you want to support by shopping directly for that cause too! 10% of your purchase goes to the cause of your choice! Please take a moment to check them out! they have great gift ideas for your friends, family and even yourself! Comment below what you order. For more information about you becoming an ambassador check out this link.

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