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First blog post ever!

Hey everyone,

My name is Erika. I am in my early 30’s and currently living in Nashville TN with my dog Cocoa. cocoas a two year old bundle of joy, ill get more into her in a future post, but just know she’s the greatest puppers ever. I decided to start this blog to open up to new experiences, get better with social media and web development, meet some new people through the wonderful blogging community, and get my mind off of my personal issues by working on something other than my resume. I sat in my apartment for two days trying to come up with a name and what I wanted to write about. The name comes from Tyra Banks and her coining the phrase flaw-some, which we all need to embrace our flaws and be as awesome as we know we are. This blog is going to focus on pretty much everything. My love of makeup, my dog, my life, love, advice, cooking, my love of my planner and my obsession with notebooks, and whatever else I decide I want to write about.  I am a HUGE fan of the NY Giants (thats football incase you didn’t know), and i love love love country music! old classic country and new poppy country. I have recently gone through probably one of the worst breakups anyone can experience, which I’ll get into in a future post, as well as having some issues with work after being at my job for 8 years, I am going through literal hell right now and all I can do is sit home and watch Greys Anatomy from the beginning, which I know isn’t the greatest show to watch in my current emotional state but what the heck!.  I have been in Nashville for 1 year now after living in Johnson City TN for 8 months before that, which was just not for me, I’m more of a big city girl with a love for country music rather than a country girl. Like I said I’ve been with my company for 8 years and now I’m just trying to keep the faith an be positive that it will work itself out, I can’t talk about that situation at the moment. Well I just wanted to say a quick hello, and give y’all on overview of what to expect from me. Over the next few days I will be posting more blogs, information, tutorials, whatever (lol). If you have any questions, comments, concerns drop me an email or tweet me!

Stay classy, sassy, and a bit bad assy,


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